Have you ever considered that we live in a world made of energy?

Literally everything is energy: from the trees outside to the clothes you’re wearing, even our thoughts, feelings and every single choice we make.

Yet, most of us were never shown how to engage with these energies.

Welcome to the Symphony of Possibilities!

The Symphony of Possibilities is an invitation to access the energies available and infuse them into creating your life.

Developed by Dr. Dain Heer, the Symphony of Possibilities is about acknowledging that YOU are included in the symphony of energies that are constantly and dynamically flowing within and around us.

Attend a Symphony Group Taster


Symphony Group Tasters is a 10-60 min long session that gives the participants a sense, a taste, and an experience of the Symphony energy.

These sessions can be in person or online, and every single person participating is part of co-creating where the session goes.

Each Symphony Group Taster is unique and based on what the recipients require, desire, ask for, and are willing to receive as they dance with the energies of the universe.


Next Free Symphony Taster 

January 28, 2023

(Your time in the world)

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Symphony Sessions