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Have you ever bought the lie that if you just do more, learn more, or become more, then you’ll be happy, successful and have everything you want?  What if the key to everything you actually desire is actually possible when you do the exact opposite…relax, release and receive?  Join me for this fun exploration into ditching the overwhelm and having more of everything you’d actually like to have, including the joy of being YOU.

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What Happens When You Don't Relax, Release and Receive?

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At the end of this short workshop you'll walk away with:


  • An experiential journey about what it means to actually Relax, Release and Receive
  • Clarity about your 3 biggest obstacles to achieving more
  • A simple 3-part daily habit for having more clarity, igniting creativity and increasing your productivity 


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Daena Davis

"Jennilynne is a great coach and energy worker. She knows just the right questions to ask to make way for optimal possibilities. She is a thoughtful and kind soul."

Charles Comstock

"My wife and I have worked with Jennilynne Coley for over a year now and have had enormous physical and emotional changes. Our lives have greater possibilities and ease as a direct result from working with her."

Paula Burt

"Jennilynne is a masterful facilitator that allows your body to be at ease right away. I walked away from our session feeling 10 years younger and a hundred pounds lighter. Highly recommended!!"