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You Always Have a Choice Even When You Think You Don't

Aug 08, 2023
laughing while the car is missing a tire

Have you ever had your car leave you?

Back in 2016, I was driving down the highway on my way to meet a friend when my car started rattling. I pulled over, inspected it, saw nothing and got back on the highway.  A few moments later it got louder and the shaking became more violent…and all of the sudden my front right tire popped off and rolled way down the highway!

Sparks were flying and it all happened so fast!  Somehow I remained calm and all I could do was laugh and laugh and laugh! 😂🤣

Needless to say I didn’t make it to my meeting…

Shortly after my friend arrived to check on me and he captured this photo of me laughing, while everyone else was freaking out about what “could’ve” happened to me in that situation.  I could’ve freaked out, got scared, froze, been angry…and number of things!

My natural state took over though…calm, centered, present, and also laughing hysterically! 😂🤣😂🤣

Sometimes it seems as if we have no control over what “happens to us” or shows up in our lives.
And that’s always an interesting conversation to navigate through…

One thing I know for certain is that we always have control over how we choose to react to what shows up!

Where have you given up your power and your choice that you could empower yourself to reclaim right here and right now?!?!

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