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Life is like a beautiful work of art...constantly evolving into a more masterful sculpture as we chip away the parts and pieces that were never really ours in the first place.  Personal growth and transformation is the art of my life...LITERALLY!  The more I grow and change, the more I have to offer others.


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I would highly recommend Jennilynne not only for the Bars® process but the total clearing out of all the distractions and judgments that get us locked up in our lives.  She can take you to total oneness with no judgment of you or anyone else.  How does it get any better than that!!

Michael C

Jennilynne is a brilliant coach, intuitive, caring and amazing healer.  I definitely recommend any of her classes or sessions.  I can't wait to learn about the energetic facelift.

Karly S.

I was so impressed with what she had to offer that I'll be booking her myself for energy work, and she really, really has a high level of energy expertise that makes her special.

Sophia L

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